Who We Are

The Missing Children Center will offer the following services to the public to create a safer envirnment for children to grow up in.

  1. 1.The Missing Children Center of Santa Cruz is a community based organization that is dedicated to help find abducted, exploited and missing children.

  2. 2.Going door to door, the Missing Children Center's canvass provides information about local missing children through it"s newsletterand by word of mouth. The canvass helps to inform the general public about the old and new laws that help protect children.

  3. 3.The canvass staff and local volunteers distribute educational materials to families on home child safety, street-proofing videos for schools, and assist in finger printing I.D. with the local police departments.

  4. 4.The finger printing kits, films and all that is needed is always free of charge and run by the Missing Children Center"s staff and volunteers from the community.

  5. 5.The Missing Children Center of Santa Cruz networks with all non-profit charities and Missing Children"s organizations.

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