The Missing Children Center will offer the following services to the public to create a safer envirnment for children to grow up in.

The best way for the Missing Children Center of Santa Cruz to reach the public is by canvassing door to door every day in all of our communities to accomplish the following;

  1. Talk to the public about abducted, exploited and missing children in and around Santa Cruz County.

  2. To provide up dated information of children missing in the community. This includes a newsletter with information about missing children and their photos. The idea is simple, You Can Help!, Take the Newsletter to work and post it in your lunch room or store front window, anywhere that has traffic walking by, so the chances of spotting one of these children will be that much greater!. The newsletter also includes emergency phone numbers for other organizations involved in stopping violence in our community.

  3. The canvasser going door to door will also talk to the public about the other programs. these include distribution of educational materials to families on home child safety, street-proofing videos for schools, assist in finger printing I.D. days with the local police departments. The finger printing kits, films and all that is needed is always free of charge and manned with volunteers from the community.

  4. The Missing Children Center of Santa Cruz is an for-profit organization within the state of California. We the canvas going door to door each year will ask you, to support the local organization made up of local people, doing local work to make our children and our community safer. The canvass will knock at your door asking you to give generously to support the Missing Children Center of Santa Cruz as the only way to raise funds for the local organization. Your contribution makes the difference, please support the canvass so we can get the job done, we are all in it together!.

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