Do's & Don'ts

The Missing Children Center offers the following rules to the public to create a safer envirnment for children to grow up in.

  1. I always ask my parents before I leave my house. I let them know who I am with and everywhere we are going.

  2. I never talk to strangers. I will never go anywhere with someone my parents do not know.

  3. If anyone touches me in a way that makes me feel uncomfortable, I can say no, even to an adult.

  4. I will yell "Help" and drew attention to myself if anyone tries to take me away. I will fight them or run as fast as I can run.

  5. My parents love me, they will listen and help me if I need help.

  6. I will tell my parents if anyone touches me in anyway I don't like even if it's someone my parents know.

  7. I don't keep secrets from my parents. I will tell them about people that scare me.

  8. I will remember, a stranger is anyone I do not know. Even if someone looks nice, they are still a stranger.

  9. I will not be tricked into going with a stranger.

  10. I will not go with someone that does not know my password.

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